Maclaren Buggy Stroller

maclaren buggy stroller

Maclaren Buggy Stroller

Every parent wants to share the passion they have with their children. It is like when you love a certain sport, you want to introduce that to your children as early as possible or if you are a fan of a sports team, off course you want your children to support the same team. It can be one thing to create stronger bond with your children. For someone with big interest in automobile who wants to share that passion with their baby child and give them only the best, that’s the idea of Maclaren BMW Buggy Stroller.

This is a buggy stroller from the collaboration of Maclaren, the leading name in luxury baby buggy products, with BMW, undeniably one of the finest brands of automobile manufacturer. It combines the innovative design philosophy of Maclaren focusing on baby’s ultimate comfort and safety, with the advanced technology and high end luxury of BMW. When you combine two high end brands in one product, you can expect for the finest quality product. That’s what you can get from this buggy stroller.

The basic design is the classic Maclaren buggy stroller design optimized with BMW design style and philosophy. It comes with improved materials and improved technology. This stroller has small canopy made from water resistant fabric with BMW logos on both sides. Tall handle bar makes this stroller very ergonomic for most parents including taller ones. The seat offers comfortable roomy space with very ergonomic design plus it is reclining able. The seat liner offers sporty style like the interior of BMW car. It also has 5 points harness with BMW logo buckle. This stroller also has maclaren buggy bag with small basket on the back side and under the seat.

BMW adds advanced technology to make this stroller has better comfort, better ergonomic, and better safety. The 5-inch hard rubber wheels with BMW logo can be locked in straight ensuring better stability. It also has all-wheels suspension system for ultimate comfort. Parking brakes on the rear wheels ensure better safety. This BMW maclaren buggy board stroller has one-hand folded feature to make it easier to carry with your BMW car.

Carries two luxury brands and with such of high end specs, it won’t be a surprise that this stroller comes with premium price. But then again, it is only for those who really understand what the luxury really means. That’s a classy way to spoil your baby child.

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