Maclaren Volo

Maclaren Volo

Maclaren Volo Stroller Compact and Easy

Maclaren Volo stroller is made by very light weight aluminum chassis approximately 9.7lb and has capacity approximately 55 lb. This stroller also has a handy carry strap that can be adjusted for smaller toddler for example, along with lightweight feature this is a makeshift solution for you. You can carry around your baby for vacations, shopping or your daily activities easily.

The mesh seat within the stroller keeps toddler cool in the summer and another thing that can be highlighted that plastic mesh seat is easily to remove and clean. Just take the mesh out and you can clean drink and food spills, dirt from baby shoes, it doesn’t matter anymore. This Maclaren Volo stroller is suitable for babies from 6 months or a year and older and for some cases, it can be passed for the family or friend.

Compare to other strollers on the market, The Maclaren Volo stroller is sturdy, easy to maneuver because it has the front duel swivel wheels and you can use it by just one hand. The canopy comes with this stroller is the basic function for your need which can protect your baby from UV as well as from the rain. If you wonder how much is the price you will get this stroller with free shipping for less than $130.

Another function is security of the stroller, when your baby in the stroller your baby will safe and secure because the strap that crosses crotch, thighs and the shoulder.  Therefore baby will not slump even baby is asleep.  The Maclaren stroller is available in funky and modish color such as black, scarlet, white, carmine rose with carmine rose hood, pea green / black stripe and charcoal silver frame. Most of buyer on Amazon gave positive review about the Maclaren Volo Stroller, I believe you will too.

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