Maclaren Easy Traveler

maclaren easy traveller

MacLarren Easy Traveller for Baby and Toddler

Carrying a baby or toddler is indeed interesting when travelling. However, it can be a problem also if you don’t prepare necessary tools for them. Well, one that you should not miss out is the baby traveler stroller. It is suggested for you to buy the qualified one so that it can be more durable and not easily damaged. For this matter, MacLarren Easy Traveller is the best answer. Why? Here are the reasons.

High-Performance Aluminum Frame

What makes a sort of stroller can be strong and durable enough is about the structure or frame. That’s why; it should be made from qualified materials as well. a good thing about MacLarren stroller is that the use of aluminum frame here. It enables the stroller becomes sturdy whether it is run or stopped. The strong and well-built structure is also really safe for your baby. Meanwhile, the entire product is so quiet and not noisy while being stroller. Your baby’s sleep will not be disturbed for sure.

Front Swivel Wheels

The wheels are both smooth but also not slippery. Besides, it is also easily lockable to add the security matter. More than that, the wheels are supported what have been mentioned in the previous point. It makes the stroller runs more smoothly. The non-slippery thing also adds its safety standard.

Adjustable Five-Point Safety Harness for Maximum Security

Parents are often worried about letting their baby to sit down in the stroller. There is no other reason but related to the safety and security. Aside from the security matter is placed on the wheels, there is also the feature of five-point safety harness. It accommodates the baby for being secured even when the stroller is stop running using the a special lock. It is also the reason why this product is really sturdy but also comfortable.

Compact Umbrella Fold

Stroller with umbrella is not a new idea. But there are many cases where the umbrella makes it more troublesome. In MacLarren stroller, the umbrella adapts the compact fold technology so that it tends to be more simple and practical to be folded when not being used particularly when you need to pick it in your car. Now, your baby is protected from sunshine and rain.

Carry Strap or Handle for Easy Portability

This stuff is equipped by carry strap. Interestingly, it is designed not only for giving more protection but also practicality. The strap is portable whether you want to use it or not. When it is not used, just save it in the place provided by MacLarren Easy Traveller.

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