Maclaren Grand Tour LX

Maclaren Grand Tour LX

Maclaren Techno XLR arc Stroller

The great presence of technology has changed so many things. It also gives more ease to many people. Even bring your baby walk around can be more exciting too. All of this is because of the new stroller technology. In this time, stroller appears in the better form. The good design and the comfortable design make stroller looks more helpful. Even parent can bring their baby everywhere they want without worrying about their baby’s comfort anymore. But if you are looking for the good stroller, you have to select it carefully. And if you expect for the great product, Maclaren will be the great choice.

When you see Maclaren grand tour lx, you will see the good product with the good design. Even more than it, it also designed in the safe and comfortable form. There are five point restraining safety harnesses at the seat. With the adjustable straps, it will help the baby to feel safe and comfortable. With the lay flat position, this stroller is so perfect for newly born babies. Even it will make the babies asleep easily. With the good design, parent can reposition the seat easier. This is why the seat can be adjusted into the most comfortable form.

In Maclaren grand tour lx, the suspension is not just located at the front or at the rear. The suspension is available in all round the stroller. This is why the great comfort and the smooth ride will be your baby. The chassis of this stroller is also good. Even it looks fashionable. More than it, the chassis can be accommodated into a baby car seat too. The car seat maybe sold separately. But the capability to give the great comfort to the baby is so amazing. Even parent can move the infant without disturbing their sleep.

The control panel of Maclaren grand tour lx is also interesting. In here you will see the built in thermostat, clock and pedometer. The design of this product is also considered well to use in public transport or your own vehicle. To handle the light weight, this product designed with umbrella fold system. This system makes this stroller looks more compact and easy to control. To help the parent to protect the infant from insects, this stroller appears with protective insect screen. Beside it, you will get rain cover and convenient shopping bag too. More than it, there will be shopping basket cup holder, wheel bag, dash bag organizer and a storage cover too.

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